7 WordPress Themes You Should Use this Year

If you’re looking for the most reliable online platform to build or host your website on, look no further than WordPress. Not only does WordPress offer you countless tools to customize your website so that you can reach more people and drive more traffic, but it also offers state-of-the-art themes to help you get started in case you don’t want to design it from scratch. This will help you invest more time in publishing quality content that your readers love.


With that said, here are seven WordPress themes you should consider using this year.

The Multipurpose X Theme

This versatile template combines elements of premium design and functionality that allow you to create countless website using the same theme. The theme has been a success since its introduction in early 2014, receiving nothing but positive reviews by many distinguished Internet marketers. For a free demo of this theme, check out this website. As the site states, “Multiple designs in one. Fully Responsive. Built in conjunction with Internet marketing experts.”

The Bazar Shop Theme

Do you want your WordPress website to offer a way for visitors to shop and buy your products? Then you definitely consider using the Bazar Shop theme. This Woo Commerce theme is creative, organized, and just plain awesome. The theme lets you create unlimited website styles by providing you with countless powerful tools to custom build your online shop, allowing you to focus on your content and product listings instead of back-end frustrations.

The Foodie Theme

Food critics and master chefs rejoice! By applying the Foodie Theme to your WordPress website, you can now showcase your reviews and recipes without worrying about how appetizing your design looks to your readers. Not only can you post extra-large images and videos to highlight your foods, but there’s even a custom ingredients builder that automatically creates a recipe from the information you input. How’s that for finger-licking good?

The Mozzy Theme

Whether you’re a creative or a businessperson setting up an online portfolio, this versatile magazine-styled theme will help you highlight your work in an attractive and organized manner. The template includes many styles, short codes, and content modules that give you full control over how your WordPress website looks. With an abundance of features, including grid layout and responsive design, you can’t go wrong with this theme.

The Flatty 7 Theme

This theme is perfect for those who want to showcase their photography without their website getting too cluttered. In fact, many professional top-notch photo studios and agencies around the world rely heavily on this theme that combines a flat single page template and a full screen slider in a unique way. With the Flatty 7 theme, you’re sure not to just impress your fans and followers, but potential clients who would like to work with you.

The Voyage Theme

Perhaps you’re traveling the world and don’t have time to design a WordPress website from scratch without sacrificing memorable moments in the process. The Voyage theme will take care of those issues, giving you the ability to post your memoirs, captivating photographs, and surreal videos in an intriguing format. Verizon offers severalĀ Internet bundles, so whether your customer is out on the town and viewing your content through Wi-Fi on their smartphone at a hotspot, or through or a desktop with a large PC screen at home, the theme’s responsive design will give them a pleasurable viewing experience.

The Lawyer Theme

WordPress isn’t just for creatives; professionals in the health care and legal fields use the platform to promote their services, too. If you’ve recently started your own law firm, you’ll definitely want to get your name out by setting up a clean website that exemplifies your professionalism. With the Lawyer theme, you can do exactly that. With easy-to-use tools, you won’t have to spend your nights studying design instead of consulting your client’s cases.

No matter what industry or profession you’re in, there’s a WordPress theme for you. Have you already starting using a specific template? Which one was it and how much success have you had with it? Leave a comment below.