6 Best Mobile WordPress Plugins

As of the beginning of 2014, 58 percent of American adults owned smartphones. That’s approximately 221 million people who own Internet-ready mobile devices. Unfortunately, mobile devices usually have small screens that don’t always display Web content correctly.

With so many more people accessing the Internet via smartphones, it’s important for website managers to use the best mobile WordPress plugins to make sites functional and attractive on all screens. You can start by learning about these 6 great options for WordPress.



Image via Flickr by vernieman

Price: Free

MobilePress is one of the simplest ways to optimize a site for mobile devices. That simplicity makes it easy to install and configure, but it doesn’t give you many options. It’s a good option if you want a free plugin that helps mobile devices display blog posts, thumbnails, and comments easily.

It does offer some customization, but you won’t find anything too fancy, or too confusing, with MobilePress.


Price: licensing plans start at $49

WPTouch offers a variety of plugins and themes that can improve website performance on mobile and desktop devices. The plugin can help sites load up to 5 times faster than if they used generic responsive themes.

The factory version of WPTouch will make your website mobile-friendly in an instant, but you can also choose your own themes, colors, logos, and features to customize your site. With that much control, you can make your site fast and attractive without doing much work.


Price: Free

Jetpack is a useful plugin for self-hosted sites with mobile audiences. It’s an open source project, which means you can get it free and you can alter the plugin to meet your unique needs. If you know CSS and JavaScript, you can tap into Jetpack’s code to make personalized changes.

The latest version of Jetpack should work well with most browsers, including those used by mobile devices. Jetpack is especially good at improving download time for mobile devices. By using Jetpack, you lower your server’s processing requirements. That can significantly improve download times, which means more smartphone users are likely to view your site instead of navigating elsewhere in frustration.

Auto Mobile Theme Switcher

Price: Free

Auto Mobile Theme Switcher is a handy plugin for website managers who want their sites to look great on mobile devices, but don’t want to do a lot of extra work improving performance on those devices.

The Mobile Theme Switcher recognizes the type of device and browser your readers use. When they connect to your site, the plugin automatically switches the site to a theme that will work well on their individual devices.

Other than installing the plugin, you don’t have to do any work. Once you have it installed, though, your site’s performance shouldn’t change much whether your readers are testing their cell plans while abroad just to view your site or viewing your site from a desktop computer at home.

Obox Mobile

Price: Plugin prices start at $79

Some webmasters want more than responsive designs that force page elements to reconfigure themselves when viewed on mobile devices. They want plugins that will literally remove unnecessary elements that could slow load times.

Obox Mobile’s plugin lets you take total control of how your site looks on all platforms. Set colors, fonts, images, and other attributes that you want viewers to see when they use mobile devices.

With Obox Mobile, you get a faster website that adapts immediately to the viewer’s device.

WP Smart Mobile Theme Plugin

Price: Free

WP Smart Mobile does a lot for a free plugin. Once installed, you can use it to configure a variety of elements that get displayed on mobile devices. It will let your mobile site use searches, thumbnails, and up to three mobile themes.

This is a simple option for people who want quick results without doing a lot of work or spending any money. It’s not the best mobile WordPress plugin, but it is one of the best free mobile plugins.

Have you ever used a WordPress plugin that promised to make your website mobile? Did you get a good response from the plugin, or would you like to find a better option that truly optimizes your site for mobile viewers?