3 Tips For Picking Photos To Include On Your Website

Whether you have a website that you’re wanting to sell your products or services from or you’re creating a website as more of a creative outlet, making your website look stunning will have a big impact on how successful your website ends up being.

While the design of your website will play a role in this, the visual images you include will also heavily impact the final look and feel of your website. So to help you get the exact look and feel that you’re wanting, here are three tips for picking photos to include on your website.

Always Use High Quality Images

The first, most important, and most obvious thing you should do when picking photos to include on your website is to choose photos that are a high quality. But while this might sound easy, this is still something that many websites aren’t doing.

According to Jeff Davis, a contributor to WebsiteMagazine.com, you’ll only want to use large, pixel perfect, high resolution images on your website. In some instances, this might mean having to forgo an image that you wanted to use but just isn’t good enough quality. And while you might think that this is a sacrifice, choosing an image that’s a higher quality will make your entire website a higher quality as well.

Put People In Your Photos

Often, the elements that work best for design might not seem intuitive to most people. For example, online marketing guru Neil Patel shares that if you’re trying to sell a product through your website, using images that include people will be more effective for you.

With this in mind, you should always make sure you’re connecting whatever you’re selling or supporting to the human element of it all. By doing this, you’ll help people make more of a personal connection to you and your product or service, which will, in turn, make them want to work with you or shop from your business.

Consider SEO For Your Images

While most people know that they should be doing SEO work for the content on their website, what many people fail to remember when putting images on their website is that they play a role in SEO as well.

According to Anna Crowe, a contributor to Search Engine Journal, in order to best optimize your images for SEO purposes, you should ensure that you do things like use the right image file, compress the images so they load faster, include meta data for your images, and create a sitemap for your images. By doing all of these things, your images will help your SEO efforts just as much as the text on your page.

If you need some help with the images on your website, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you pick the best images and use them to your optimal advantage.