Wix Pro Gallery – A Professional Gallery for Photographers

Photographers need to let their work speak for itself. The problem is so many website builders don’t have the tools in place to ensure they can show their best sides. That’s where Wix comes in. This free website builder comes with a variety of professional galleries you can use to upload your images and to show them in the best possible light.

The app you need is the Wix Pro Gallery. It’s a professional gallery designed for photographers. And it also comes with a fair amount of nifty features too!

What Can You Do with Your Images?

The foundations of any good professional gallery are in how much control you have over your images. The Wix Pro Gallery is more than just a depository for your photos.

One of the most prominent features you’ll notice is that you have full control over both image quality and sharpness. You may not want to have large files, and so you can decrease the quality on-site.

Protecting Your Images

There’s nothing worse than uploading your photos online and worrying over whether your images are safe from both theft and destruction. For many photographers, their images are the way they put food on the table so you need a way to protect your images.

With image piracy at an all-time high, you need to act to protect your business assets. And now you can.

The Wix Pro Gallery has full built-in image protection. You decide how much protection your images have and how shareable they are.

Optimized for the Modern World

The reality is that your images could be accessed by anyone around the world on any type of device. You’ll find it impossible to stand out if you’re not optimized for mobile.

The Wix Pro Gallery automatically optimizes your images for any device. You don’t have to do anything to prep your images for viewing.

The Added Extras

The Wix Pro Gallery allows you to impress your visitors by adding some other features to your images. Some of the things you can add to your gallery/images include:

  • Videos
  • Additional photos
  • Text boxes

In short, this is a truly interactive photo gallery. It goes beyond what you can expect to find from other similar photo galleries. You can upload practically any type of content into this gallery.

Sharing is Caring

The only way for a photographer to get the word out about their work is to jump into the world of social media. Wix Pro Gallery makes social sharing easy with sharing buttons placed on every photo.

Visitors can also interact with your gallery by pressing the heart button on every photo. For photographers, this also makes it easy for them to track interaction and to find out what their visitors are responding to. It makes it simple to tailor their future photos according to the tastes of their audience.

Uploading Videos

The Wix Photo Gallery is more than a mere gallery for photos. Videos are also available to upload. Understand that this is vital because videos have never been more popular. Take into account the fact that many visitors will be browsing on a smartphone. And studies have shown that video content is the most easily consumed for users on these devices.

With the Wix Pro Gallery, uploading videos is as easy as uploading images. And if you take a look at some of the apps available through Wix you can easily make your own videos in a few hours.

How You Can Use the Wix Pro Gallery to Promote Your Business

Ultimately, the Wix Pro Gallery is aimed at helping photographers improve their businesses. That’s why this gallery is more than just a place for your images. It’s there to allow you to promote your business and interact with your audience.

It’s best used when you make it a central point for your marketing efforts. Make it a place where people can hang out and talk about your photos.

There are nine different layouts for you to choose from, so you can tailor it according to your brand. There are no limits to the hangout spot you can create for your business.

And Wix is always adding new features to its gallery as the industry changes.

Last Word – Making it with Wix

The Wix Pro Gallery is one of the best galleries available for photographers today. No other gallery crafted by a website builder has the sheer range of options you have here.

The fact is that you can easily upload your photos, add interactive video content, promote your brand, and encourage visitor interaction all in one place. This will save you from downloading a range of apps to accomplish the same goals.

And the best part is it only takes minutes to get started.

Do you think the Wix Pro Gallery is the best option for your business?