How to Correct the Aspect Ratio of Videos for a Website

In simple terms the ‘aspect ratio’ of a video is the ratio of its width to height and is expressed as a number such as 16:9. When you’re publishing video content on a website it is important that your video is in the right aspect ratio – otherwise it may not appear as intended and may have unwanted black bars on some of its sides.

The current ‘standard’ aspect ratio for High Definition videos is 16:9. Some older monitors and device may use 4:3 instead, but that is slowly but surely becoming obsolete. As such most videos are normally recorded in 16:9 but may have been saved incorrectly in some other aspect ratio – which can cause them to appear skewed. To rectify that you will need to correct the aspect ratio of the video and restore it.

Aspect Ratio of Videos for a Website

Instructions to Correct the Aspect Ratio

Don’t worry if you aren’t quite sure how to change the aspect ratio of your videos as it will be a piece of cake if you use Movavi Video Converter. It can be put to the task as an aspect ratio converter by following these steps:

  1. Click the ‘Add Media’ button in the top-left corner and choose ‘Add Video’ then select the video that you want to correct.
  2. Open up the ‘Video’ tab in the bottom half and select the video format that you want.
  3. After selecting the video format a list of presets in different resolutions will appear and you can select the one that corresponds to the aspect ratio that you want to use. Alternatively you can click the ‘cogwheel’ icon and set a custom resolution.
  4. Click ‘Convert’ to convert your video into the right aspect ratio.

It is worth noting that the popular resolutions that are in a 16:9 resolution are 640 x 360, 960 x 540, 1280 x 720, and 1920 x 1080. All of these should appear amongst the presets available in Movavi Video Converter, so if any of them apply then you can simply pick them from the list.

On top of fixing the aspect ratio of your videos, Movavi Video Converter can also help you to prepare your videos for a website in a number of other ways. It can cut and join video segments, enhance the video quality, insert text fields, grab screenshots, extract audio tracks, create animated GIFs, and much more.

With all these features you should be able to make sure your video is perfect before you upload it to your website. If you have a few minutes to spare it would be worth your while to give Movavi Video Converter a try to see how easy it is to do just that.