Designing Your Website For Sales Efficiency

When it comes to being a great salesperson, it’s about more than just being able to close the sale. It’s even about more than just having a winning smile that people can’t say no to. Sales success does somewhat depend on what you’re selling, but it also depends on the look of all of your sales tools, including your website.

You need your website to tell a story, one of the keys in being a successful seller. There are a few ways your website can do this, and if you keep reading you’ll learn about them. If you use these things on your sales website, you’re sure to increase your customer base.

Your About Page

One of the first places you’re going to tell your story on your website is on your about page. From big corporations telling about their meeger beginnings, to freelance writers telling about themselves and how they got started writing, your about page is your introduction, and you can bet people are going to read it.

They want to know why they should buy whatever it is they need from you. Tell them how long you’ve been doing what you do, and about any rewards or accolades you’ve gotten for your excellent work. This is the page that will let them know what your business is all about.

A Page For Testimonials

Testimonials from people you’ve sold your products to, or that have used your services, are a great way to sell people on what you have to offer. They want to know that other people have worked with you, and that they liked what they got working with you.

It’s not that difficult to get testimonials from past customers if you’ve done them right. Simply reach out to them and ask. Make sure to ask if you can share their name (even if it’s just first name and last initial) and where they are from. By sharing their location you’ll also show that people all of the world shop with you.

Blogging Is A Must

Once your website is up and showing all of the reasons people should want to work with you, you need to have a blog. This is the story tellers most important online device. Your blog may be the one thing that converts the most visitors into customers.

They key is to not just use your blog as a way to self promote yourself. You want it to give people information they can use, like how to articles that work with your products. Or articles on how the services you offer can better their lives or their businesses. Finish it off with a call to action that tells them the next step they need to take to make what your blog post told them happen.