4 Best Practices for Beginners When Editing Videos

Starting to edit videos as a beginner can be overwhelming. It will take time for you to get the experience that you need to edit videos more comfortably, which is why it is important that you get off on the right foot and with the best practices.

Some of the best practices that you should make it a point to use as a beginner are to:

White balance the video footage so that it looks consistent

One of the problems with cutting together clips that were recorded at different times and locations (and possibly with different cameras) is that the colors in each can look slightly different. To make the clips that you cut together look more consistent, you should white balance the video footage.

In most video editors you can find an automated white balance feature, and that would be a good place to start. After that you can try adjusting the color parameters manually to make further improvements.

Try different types of cuts to join videos together

Cutting together videos is a bit more involved than simply attaching one clip to the next. The timing of your cuts and their frequency can affect the pace and flow of the video, and in some cases give it more visual meaning.

Initially you can experiment with some of the more basic types of cuts such as the jump cut, cutaway, and cut on action. However in time you may want to expand beyond that.

Never use visual effects too excessively

Visual effects of any kind should be used with care – and never in excess. The fact of the matter is that if you start adding too many visual effects to your video it will look tacky, and distract viewers from the actual content.

The golden rule for visual effects is to only use them when you have a reason to want to use them. For example you could use Movavi Video Editor as an easy video speeder, but should only do so if there is a reason to – such as to show the passage of time with a time lapse, or add a comedic effect.

Watch out for the audio sync

Another common problem that you will probably encounter when you start to cut together videos is the audio may sometimes not sync up properly. It is important that you’re aware that it can be an issue – and watch for it.

If you spot it this is a problem that is relatively easy to correct and you can adjust the audio track as needed. Unfortunately if you don’t you may only realize too late and by that point there may be very little you can do about it.

By embracing these best practices, you should be able to start editing your videos more convincingly and at the same time avoid some of the common issues that beginners normally face. That can make a world of difference, and you should find the results are certainly encouraging.