Things to Consider Before Buying an Agency Project Management Software

The work of a project manager (PM) in a creative agency is a difficult one. The PM simultaneously has to perform several tasks as the lead person. He has to be creative, see to it that everyone in the team is on the same page and are adhering to the creative brief, check the progress of each team member and do other administrative functions as well. Creative agencies need to be productive and profitable. They have to ensure that clients are happy. With a good agency project management software (PMS), it can help take your agency to new heights.

An agency PMS is not a one-size-fits all software. There are specific features in each type that suit the needs of different types of creative agencies, thus it is important to find the right solution for your particular agency requirements.

Why do you need a PMS?

With the varied tasks a project manager undertake, it is critical that he or she stay on top of things. As a project leader, it is part of the responsibilities to come up with accurate costings for the job, monitor work progress of the team, track timesheets and coordinate with every team member, among others. These administrative duties can take too much time away from being creative and productive. Removing the burden will provide the project manager with the time to effectively manage the agency, be more productive and boost relationship between agency and clients as well as manage talents inside and outside the creative agency.

Getting the right PMS

Since we have established that a PMS can contribute to streamlining and tidying up the tasks of a project manager, we now have to choose the right PMS. Here are some ideas on how you can find the software the will be a very good work productivity solution for you.

Determine your exact needs

Finding the right agency project management software means you have to define your pain points as well as your needs. What type of tasks are you struggling with? Define all the problems that you encounter when managing a project and the tasks that you think you want facilitated so that you can find the correct solution for your agency. With a list of features you must have, it will be easier for you to shop around for the most suitable agency project management software.

Look for the solution that will be a perfect fit to your needs

Critical to the success of using an agency PMS is in meeting your agency’s specific requirements. It’s a big investment and it should repay its worth several times over. This can only happen if you are a smart buyer. You should be extra careful to weigh the pros and cons, just like how you select talents to join your agency’s creative force. You should not make a mistake in choosing the right option, because its agency-wide implementation and the willingness of your staff to use it greatly depend on the usability of the software. The program should be easy to integrate with your existing system.

Do not impulse buy

With the number of agency PMS available, you have to take your time to shop around before making the right decision. Avoid stress and headaches that can come later with an ill-fitting PMS. Research all the options you can find and check all the features of the software you’ve short-listed. Keep in mind that your ultimate choice will be an inherent part of your creative agency.

Allocate enough time for training

See to it that the agency project management software you are investing in will provide considerable training for you and your staff. Introducing a new system in the business can take some getting used to. Proper training is key to employees embracing the new system. If they find that the system will definitely make a difference in their productivity and efficiency, they will be more than willing to use it.

It might take a bit of time before you see results after implementing an agency project management software. Provided you take the time to study your needs and your options, your will soon see the fruits of your investment. If you are not hasty in your decision to find an effective PMS, the rewards you will reap later will be well worth the effort you spent in procuring it.