Making Your Blog Successful – It’s Really Quite Easy

I do a lot of reading of peoples blogs, probably too much and if I had a dollar for every how to start a blog or how to make your blog a success type article I’ve come across I’d be a very rich man. Every personal blog, especially finance blogs seem to some with a default how to start a blog and be successful style post right out of the box. Now I’m not one to say that these articles don’t contain great information, in all honesty they probably do but they all seem to be done in the same sort of style. A style designed with one thing in mind, to separate the reader from their money!

This article is going to be different. I’m going to mention a few things which I think are important when getting a blog off the ground. Some are more important than others but if you follow each of these sections you won’t go far wrong. Perhaps when all this is addressed you can refine it somehow.

It’s All In The Name!

Well that might not be entirely accurate but one thing is for certain, having a good name for your blog is a very good start and will go a long way to the long term success of your project. But what is a good name? In my opinion a good domain name for a blog is relatively short (admittedly this isn’t always possible), a .com (you may as well appeal to a global audience) and either brandable or related to your sector. If you can address each of these 3 things then you’re well on your way. You should also make sure that it’s somewhat memerable too. The last thing you want is a domain that people can’t remember or can’t spell.

Make Sure You Keep It Up

I am talking about your website. Downtime is a silent killer of blogs for numerous reasons. Firstly, Google. When you write content, most of your traffic will come from Google as it gets picked up. If Google can’t visit your site because it’s down you rack of a lot of negative points via their ranking system which could see your site pushed lower down the pages or even out of the index completely. Also, you don’t want to annoy your visitors. If someone has read your blog, finds it interesting, what do you think they’ll do when they come back the next time and it’s down? People online do not forgive and getting a blog off the ground is all about retaining a readerbase. My advice to get around this is do not scrimp and save on the hosting. Choose a reputable firm, even if it costs you slightly more than a bedroom-room $1 a year package. You’ll be glad of it.

Content is King

You have probably heard this saying a number of times, content is king and when it comes to blogs it really is. You’re not offering a product or service, the written word is everything and you should make that your sole focus. Sure, fancy domain names and fast sites are all well and good but if nobody is interested in reading what you want to say specifically then it really is all in vain.

Your content needs to be written by you and cover subjects you know things about. You cannot fake it in the fickle word of blogging, people need to respect your voice on the matter at hand and if you’re seen to be waffling on about nothing in particularly you’re very quickly going to get found out and your readership growth will be severely hampered.

Design and Presentation

Design is usually one of those things that takes care of itself as the majority of people stick to third party themes which you can pick up on sites like cheap enough. I’m sure a select few of you with deep enough pockets may wish to have a theme custom made or you might even want to build it yourself but regardless, you can always find a way to address your design issues.

One thing to keep in mind on the design front is that your design really needs to match the subject at hand and your target audience. If your blog is on a serious subject targeting serious individuals then a bright vibrant fun and friendly design might not convey the image you desire.

And that’s about that. We’ve covered domain names, web hosting, design and content. Now all you need to do is market the hell out of your project and hope for the best. One thing is for sure though, following the foundations laid out in this post will help you massively.