How to Convert Videos to Prepare Them for WordPress

Do you have certain videos that you intend to publish on your WordPress blog or website? If so then you should prepare them in advance – but to do that you need to know what exactly will be required, and that in turn will depend on how you intend to publish your videos on WordPress.

Nowadays the most popular method of is to upload videos onto an online video sharing platform (such as YouTube) and then embed them from there. If that is the case then all that you really need to do is use the recommended settings of the platform that you intend to use.

On the other hand, you may want to self-host your videos on your webhost and either use a streaming video player of your own or provide a download link. That presents a slightly bigger challenge as you’ll need to balance the video file size and quality so that it loads quickly and doesn’t consume too much bandwidth on your webhost. Also you may have to convert your videos to a widely-used format (such as MP4 or AVI) so that people who download it will have no problems viewing it.

Easy Way to Convert and Optimize Videos


The easiest way to convert videos while optimizing them for WordPress blogs or websites is with the help of software that specializes in doing so – such as Movavi Video Converter. It will not only allow you to convert the format of your videos, but also provide you with a set of presets that are tailored to various devices and platforms – including video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo where you may want to embed your video.

Additionally the software will also let you alter the video settings to compress its file size in various ways. That can be accomplished by either adjusting the resolution of the video or tweaking its frame rate and bitrate. In some cases a combination of all may be the best approach so that the video quality isn’t compromised too much.

As you start to use Movavi Video Converter you’ll find that it has numerous other features that may help you out when dealing with media files of all sorts for your WordPress site. It can convert audio and image files, create animated GIFs out of video clips, extract the audio track from videos, improve the video quality, and much more.

If you want you could use Movavi Video Converter as a ‘one stop’ utility that can help you to prepare all your media files for WordPress. It will definitely help you to prepare your videos, and may even give you several ideas of other sorts of content that you may want to use on your blog or website.