Choosing the Best Web Hosting Site for Your Small Business

As an owner and operator of a small business, you don’t have time to sit on the computer all day and sift through which web host does what and where to go in order to find the best deals around. I understand. That’s why I have done the looking for you and have outlined a few of the best options available (in addition to ways of saving some money along the way) so that you don’t have to.

It is always good practice to sign up annually when you can mainly down to the fact that you will need the service for longer than 1 month and you can usually enjoy a discount for signing up for the year. The sites below all offer money back guarantees as well so you have nothing to lose by paying annually. Some websites also offer “multi-buy” discounts as well when you add other services to a basic package that you will need down the road so it’s good to keep an eye out for those.

These sites all offer excellent services and extras so I have just presented you with some of the highest rated options out there and I will also show you where to go to get those sweet money saving deals. There are many ways of saving money – you just have to know where to look.

Let’s get started.

The best of the best and where are those vouchers?

So here are some of the top performers, as rated by customers and independent web hosting reviewers, and where to go for those coupons.

First on the list – 1and1

1and1 offers amazingly low prices on their web hosting packages so there isn’t really a need to get them for cheaper. Most packages and services start at just .99p and you can string together the basics for very little money. That being said, there is always room for savings. Check out these promotions for a range of money saving voucher codes for additional services like e-commerce sites at a reduced cost and saving up to £120.00 on tools for your website.

iPage – This web hosting company is a fan favourite down to their incredible customer service, excellent low-cost options and over all ease of use. But what about the deals?  iPage offers an action packed basic package for $1.50 per month which is awesome for what you get but I can do better than that. Go here to enjoy the same package for $1 per month ($12 for the year!!)

Siteground – This provider is renowned for their product offerings and dedicated customer support. That’s all well and good but we want to save money right? Have a look at these coupons to get the creative juices flowing.

Bluehost – They offer competitive prices on their tailored packages which also makes them a stand out hosting company for personal or small businesses.  Check out these deals from Bluehost on all of their services from web hosting to WordPress and everything in-between.

There are many more..

This exercise can be duplicated and applied to any web hosting company you may be thing of working with to ensure that you get the best possible deal at all times. It is also good practice to have a look online for any deals that might be up for the taking and joining the coupon revolution. I use a fantastic plug-in offered by Avast which automatically shows me if coupons are available for any website that I am currently on. Very clever I would say.