Apple’s Latest Problems And Lawsuits

Apple is widely considered to be one of the hottest brands within the technological sector. The company remains on the cutting edge of technology and the mass majority of their products are usually praised upon their release. Despite the praise bestowed upon the company, they’ve experienced a few setbacks as of late. By examining Apple’s latest setbacks, consumers will find that the company isn’t invincible after all. Take the new MAC malware as example. MAC computers were previously considered to be invulnerable to malicious software, but this is no longer the case.

A brand new malware software has been released on the public and it surprisingly targets Mac computers. According to a recent report, the new software utilizes Tor to create a backdoor and provide the attacker with complete control over OS X systems. The new software, which is currently referred to as Backdoor.MAC.Eleanor, is generally embedded covertly into a fake file conversion program. The software is then made available through reputable websites, which are primarily known for granting access to Mac software and applications. Upon executing the software, the user will experience nothing out of the ordinary, but a malicious script will be downloaded and the backdoor will be opened.

Unfortunately, the new backdoor makes it possible for hackers to gain complete control over the victim’s Mac computer, as well as their webcam and other features. Once the computer has been infected, it’ll be assigned a unique Tor address, which will give the attacker unfiltered access to the victim’s computer. In other news, Apple’s bottom line has taken a serious beating as of late and it has hurt the company’s stock substantially. Lagging sales in iPhones has pushed Apple’s revenue down significantly.

Just two days ago, Apple’s earnings forecast was lowered by Citigroup Inc. A slowdown in iPhone sales and the impact of Brexit are both believed to have played a role in the decision. Previously, Citi set an EPS, earnings per share, estimation for Apple at $1.40. However, the company has now dropped the estimation down to $1.35. Apple has taken steps to try and rectify the problem, by enticing consumers with a “Back to School” promotion program. The company has even gone to the extreme of offing a free pair of “Beats” headphones to customers.

Whether or not these tactics will have an impact on their bottom line remains to be seen. However, investors have remained cautious. During the day’s trading period of Thursday, Apple’s stock increased by .43% only to fall .08 points during the afterhours window. Nonetheless, Apple’s laptops are still immensely popular according to Opladershoppen. Investors should prepare for a potential negative surprise.

According to allegations made by Samuel Lit, Apple has been using his patent (No. 8,793,330) Carousel Technology without written permission. A lawsuit was filed on July 7, 2016 in Northern Illinois District Court. Apparently, Apple features Carousel elements in advertisements for Apple Watch, MacBook, iPad, and iPhone 6s. According to Lit, Apple has illegally used his Carousel patent dating back as far as 2008. Lit has admitted to dabbling with computer technology for quite some time and name several of his projects after his father.