7 Tips for Small Businesses Choosing Cheap Website Hosting

Your business needs to have a website, which means you have to choose a small business website hosting company. The choices for website hosting will seem endless. Wading through and finding the right hosting company can be difficult. Here are seven tips to consider when you are searching for cheap website hosting for your small business.

Know the Type of Hosting You Need

About 95% of small businesses will need a cheap website hosting with a good hosting company. This is the cheapest website hosting option and will give you the tools and resources you need for your website.

Some companies will require VPS or dedicated hosting. If you need additional security or you expect to see more than 1,000 daily visitors to your website, you may want to look into VPS or dedicated hosting.

Provide Room for Growth

What if your company grows and your website really takes off? Will your hosting company allow you to upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting? Some hosting companies don’t even offer these types of hosting. Make sure the hosting company you choose give you the ability to grow.

Support No Matter the Time of Day

Only the worse website hosting companies don’t offer 24/7 technical support. They may not offer phone support every minute of every day, but you should be able to use the live chat or email option for support no matter what time it is. If you choose a hosting company without 24/7 technical support, you won’t have help when you really need it.

Uptime Matters

You need your new website to remain up and running as much as possible. Some downtime is to be expected every month, but it should be very minimal.

The best website hosting companies give you a 99.99% uptime guarantee. You can monitor your uptime and make sure it adheres to the guarantee they provide.

Is the Hosting Secure?

Secure hosting is very important as you will be on the same server as other websites when you choose shared hosting. This can be dangerous if the hosting company doesn’t take security very seriously. You need to ensure your hosting company provides the best security solutions. Some cheap hosting companies will skimp in this area to keep their prices low.

Check the Reputation

Some of the cheapest web hosting companies will provide you with an account, but they won’t provide help when you need it or much in the way of good service. If you check the reputation of the company before you sign up, you will be able to quickly find out what you will be getting.

Read online reviews and take them seriously. If there are several complaints about the same thing, you know there’s an issue. However, if there are several raving reviews about the company, you may have found one of the best hosting choices.

Price isn’t the Only Thing that Matters

You may think saving a few dollars a month on hosting will matter, but spending just $2 or $3 more may be the difference between a great hosting company and an average one. The great hosting company will give you the ability to make more sales, as the uptime will be better. They will also give you the peace of mind in knowing you have access to technical support whenever you need it.

It’s not worth it to save a couple dollars if you won’t get great hosting. Instead, spend a little bit more and get a hosting company that is not only cheap, but also provides value.

When you are searching for website hosting for your small business, you need to keep these tips in mind. This will help to ensure you find the best hosting, at the best price for your small business website.

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