5 Keys To Creating Compelling Web Design and Browsing Interest

Web design and development is an interesting creature for modern creators and programmers for a few different reasons. It’s not good enough just to know how to make the website. The technical knowledge is required certainly. But it’s also important to know how to design with the intent of the audience in mind. You can have the best, most efficient coding in the world, but if the user interface isn’t right, or if the content doesn’t have the right placement structure, you’ll be out of luck.

So to combat against this plateau, as you have your next site in the design phase, consider doing thing like finding a way to include success stories, link to top notch resources, maintain color consistency, code using responsive designs, and make sure your contact page is easy to find and feedback loops are possible and implemented.

Include Success Stories

In terms of being compelling, one of the elements to have featured in your content section would be some type of success stories. Create a success stories section that always floats to the top. Make it so that people can easily see that whatever your company does. This translates directly to a tangible result in happiness or satisfaction.

Link To Top Notch Resources

And if you aren’t already an expert on a topic that is related to your website, make sure that as part of your overall design, you link to top notch resources in the field. One way to judge the value of a page is to find its page authority rating, and then only link to or quote from the ones that Google has considered to have legitimate information about your topic. This will not only show that you know what you’re talking about, but will increase the value of your site as a center for additional information as well.

Color Consistency

And it’s no use having a beautifully designed website if the colors are a mess. Not every programmer is also going to have an art degree, so depending on what stage of development and design you’re at, consider spending the money to have a professional give your color scheme a once over.

Responsive Designs

Gone are the days when people just browsed the internet on their desktops. Now, mobile phones and tablets are the way to go, which means that whatever type of web design you use, it has to respond to changes in screen size and shape. Make this a high priority!

Feedback Loops and Contact Potential

Your contact page has to be present to make sure that people are comfortable visiting and then re-visiting your site. If they can’t get ahold of you to either purchase things or simply ask questions, then your overall design is going to take a hit.