4 Tips for Creating Great ROI Blogs

Every blog start with a new idea. Whether it’s an official business blog, a publication or just a personal blog, almost no one blogs just for fun. I mean, we all have to make a buck at the end of the day.

So, how do you maximize your blog’s income and turn it into an ROI beast? Here are 4 tips to follow to ensure your newly created blog makes a buck.

1. Even a Great Blog Needs Promotion

Most people think that their job ends when they have created a great blog. While creating a great blog with amazing content is an exceptional achievement in itself. That doesn’t mean that you have done all the hard work. Before you commit yourself to starting a blog you should know a very important point – any blog (even the best blog) needs to be promoted. So if you are enthusiastic about starting your blog, make sure you know how to promote it. Better have a promotion plan from the very beginning.

In other words, a great blog is not ‘great’ if it doesn’t have much traffic. You cannot just build and think that it’s done. Traffic will not come on its own.

You may write the best posts out there. Its great but it’s no assurance that people will come to read what you have written. So you must get the word out! And that is where promotion is so important.

If required, you should also be ready to spend money on your promotion. This is one thing most bloggers hate to do for some mysterious reasons. Apparently, most bloggers think that blogging is something meant to earn them money without making an investment. It’s a myth!

2. Add More Visual Content

Blogging is not just about high quality posts. It’s also about some good quality photos and even videos. Good pictures not only help draw attention, they are also important for SEO.

Also make sure that the photos are high quality and unique. You can also take your own photos to add more meaning to your blog posts. There are many high quality stock photo sources that offer you affordable photos with license.

The importance of visual content continues to grow and there is no reason why it should subside. With users having larger smartphone screens than ever, you don’t want to be lagging behind in the visuals department. Since you are going to promote your blog posts on social networks, quality images are going to play an important role in drawing eyeballs.

Then there are social sites like Instagram and Pinterest where promoting your blogs will be all about promoting the pictures. Make sure you don’t lag behind in this department. A smart blogger will always keep collecting photos. You never know where they may fit into your ideas!

3. Long Form Content

Part of your job as a blogger is to drive traffic and SEO is the most important strategy. Long form content has been and continues to be a great friend that helps you rank higher. Long posts are also a big hit with other bloggers and are easier to go viral. So don’t shy away from writing posts that go beyond the normal limits.

Remember, you must have passion and interest in a topic to be able to write such long content. Knowledge is without doubt the first requisite.

But what does long form content mean? It doesn’t mean 500 words. It has to be much longer to make an impact. This is something most beginner-bloggers don’t know. So make sure to create long posts.

Create longer posts that don’t just answer people’s questions, but solve problems. Such content can help deliver lots of value and encourage your visitors to share your posts.

4. Don’t Forget Guest Posting

Guest posting continues to be one of the golden rules of building your ‘brand’ and driving traffic. Choose high-traffic blogs in your niche and guest post in them. This will help you get more exposure while also driving targeted traffic.

Remember guest posting is not about driving tons of volume. It’s more about generating high quality traffic while taking your brand to other bloggers’ visitors.

Those who will be visiting your blog will already know who you are. They will also be interested in learning more about what you have to offer. This means that many of them are highly likely to sign up for your emails. Many are also likely to return back again.

So if you are aspiring to start blogging, make sure to follow these 4 tips. It’s easy to start just any blog. You don’t want to add another domain name that will soon be lost in the oblivion with hundreds of thousands of other blogs. These tips will help you stand out and make an impact. If you are in it for generating serious ROI and be here for the long term, these tips are a must to follow.